Monday, December 24, 2012


FEAR! Have thought a lot about fear this week. Thinking how much I have allowed fear to hold me back from doing the things I want. Fear of failure, fear of others! What is fear holding you back from? What do you do to over come your fear?


SIMPLIFY, getting rid of, dumping, minimalist moving, or whatever you would like to call it. I am getting rid of, unloading and simplifying my life as part of my Square One Project. I did this before about a year ago and since my move see how I can downsize even more. Setting goals, moving along on the path to the future and seeing more clearly. What are some areas of your own life you should be simplifying? closets, calendars, email or just your time :)


I haven't forgotten my Square One Project, believe me I have been working hard and getting all kinds of things lined up. In the process of moving and still downsizing, started some schooling and will soon be adding some special courses to that list. The last is a surprise I will let everyone later. I might be going MIA for a bit, just to gt things done but also have been thinking about how I use my time and am I using as wisely as I should. No, the answer of course is a big fat no! I know it is called social media, but feel that it makes me more anti-social. I realize this is the one place I am able to keep in contact with some people and things. Last few months and even more in the last few days the negativity has been flying and I honestly have allowed it a few times to suck me in, I don't post but will text friends and sit and fume at computer. Does it matter, not really for me I have so much positive I need to be focusing on and think I need to take a media/computer break. This is if I can actually not cave in. Will try for 24 hours and see if I can handle it. LOL Time to break the habit. :)